Taxi, Black Car, and Car Services

If you’re a taxi driver, your car is your biggest business asset. An accident isn’t just an inconvenience, it affects your livelihood! That’s why we offer a full line of insurance policies ­­ for Medallion Taxis, Black Cars and Car Services ­­ to protect you in case of fire, theft, collisions, and more.

Getting the right insurance policy is critical to safeguarding your financial future and business stability. That’s why there are never any broker fees for services at Member Brokerage Service. We obsess over details to make sure you get the policy that matches your specific needs. Whether you’re an individual cab or a large taxi dispatch service, we’ve got you covered.

Have you owned a commercial vehicle in the past? Are you married or a homeowner? We ask all the necessary questions to determine what discounts you qualify for so you can rest assured you’re getting the policy you need at the price you want.

And we’re always here to help with any TLC problems. We have our own in­house claims department for your convenience. Stop in for a cup of coffee, get a free renewal gift and see how Member Brokerage can help you save on your TLC Insurance. Give us a call at (718) 523­-1300 to set up an appointment today.