Other Coverages

Member Brokerage Service also offer the following coverages to give you complete protection…

  • Flood Insurance: Approximately two­ thirds of Americans are underinsured for natural disasters. Flooding and storms are bad enough, but you’ll face a second disaster when it comes time to rebuild if you aren’t protected. Standard homeowner insurance plans don’t cover flooding disasters, so you’ll need a separate policy to protect against floods and devastating storms.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Give your new bike the protection it deserves. Want to replace damaged OEM parts with new OEM parts? Check. Want to replace your totaled or stolen bike with a brand new one just like the original? Check and check. At MBS, we work with you to find the perfect coverage at the right price. And we keep our rates competitive so you can save your money for all the fun gear and customization.
  • Motorhome/RV Insurance: Your RV is more than an automobile, so don’t make the mistake of covering it with a typical auto insurance policy. You’ll miss out on critical coverage for personal belongings, attached accessories, and higher towing/servicing costs. Work with us to get specialized coverage specific to your RV or motor home.
  • Personal Umbrella / Fine Arts / Jewelry: Sometimes your homeowner’s insurance just doesn’t cut it. It won’t cover you in the case of expensive legal battles, and it can’t protect your expensive jewelry, fine art, and antiques. We’ll work with you to determine the right umbrella policy so it kicks in right when your homeowner’s policy limits have been reached. At MBS, we take extreme care to ensure that your valuables are properly protected every single time.

Interested in hearing more about our various coverage policies? Give us a call at (718) 523-­1300 to chat with one of our friendly insurance experts.