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Life insurance doesn’t have to be intimidating. We keep the process friendly and personal so you actually understand the insurance you’re getting without your eyes glazing over. Our skilled and caring insurance experts will make sure you’re completely covered so you can protect the ones you love.

Our plans offer low premiums, flexible terms, and convenient payment options. Here are the most popular life insurance options:

  • Term Life: This low­cost insurance gives you high coverage for a term, or fixed period of time.
  • Universal Life: More flexible than other types of insurance, universal coverage is a great way to protect your loved ones with the added benefit of accumulating cash on a tax­deferred basis.
  • Variable Life: This unique policy combines life insurance and a savings plan, allowing you to build greater cash value and determine where it’s invested.
  • Whole Life: The safest form of insurance, whole life insurance builds guaranteed cash value with premiums that stay constant throughout your life. They’re a good idea if you want protection for life, tax­deferred cash growth, and guaranteed death benefits for your loved ones.

Not sure which one is right for you? Click here for a no obligation quote or call us at (718) 523­-1300 to chat with one of our friendly experts.