Travel Insurance

Vacations are a great way to relax, unwind and forget about the stressors at home. But, what if your perfectly planned vacation does not go according to plan? What if a freak storm cancels your flights or you are injured in an accident while away from home? Travel insurance is designed specifically to ease the burden of some of these unexpected costs.

Travel insurance is not something that should be bought for every vacation, as it usually costs between 4 and 8 percent of the trips prepaid, nonrefundable cost. However, there are some situations in which a policy is a good idea. You should purchase travel insurance if:

  • You’re an anxious traveler. If you need peace of mind to enjoy your vacation stress free, then having a policy in place will help make your vacation more relaxing.
  • You’re taking a cruise or a packaged tour. Cruise lines and tour companies that offer packages usually are not flexible with their dates. Therefore, if you miss your departure date for the cruise or tour, you could end up paying more than what you’ve already paid to reschedule your vacation.
  • Your itinerary is complex or extensive. Imagine you are touring Europe, and your train from France to Italy is delayed, causing you to miss your river-cruise departure. This could cause you to miss other events you’ve scheduled and paid for ahead of time. A policy could help protect you from that single event causing a ripple effect, and get you back on schedule quickly.
  • You’re on Medicare, and you are traveling internationally. Medicare usually doesn’t cover incidents that occur outside of the U.S., so having a policy would ensure you are covered while you’re traveling.
  • You are leaving the country. Any time you leave the country, you should have a policy in place. Medical providers outside of the U.S. often ask for payments for treatment up-front, regardless of your domestic health insurance. A travel insurance policy that provides for medical coverage can guarantee these payments.

Before purchasing a travel insurance policy, review your current policies to see what coverages they offer for traveling. They may offer some protection, which allows you to choose a travel policy that does not have redundant coverage for your trip. If you want to review your coverages, give us a call. We’re here for you.